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Patient Education
Our mission is your recovery! Our goal at University Sports Medicine is to provide the very best possible care available in order to help our patients return to an active, rewarding and pain-free life.
New Patients

University Sports Medicine always welcomes new patients! If possible, please download and complete the paperwork in the “Before You Arrive” section prior to your arrival.

University Sports Medicine cannot treat minors without a legal guardian present or consent to treat. Adults accompanying all minors, must provide proof they have the right to make medical decisions for the child. Should you have questions, please call us at 622-234-0424.

Appointment & Scheduling

All scheduling of office visits is done by the New Patient Coordinator. All scheduling of surgeries is done by the appropriate doctor’s medical assistant.

Please bring the following items with you to appointments:

  • Your insurance card or other health coverage information. Some insurance carriers require you to have a referral or primary care physician authorization before treatment is given. Please check with your carrier if you are in doubt. If your insurance carrier requires that you have a referral, please note that these can take up to 10 business days to obtain and we cannot see you until we have the referral.
  • Walking shorts and athletic shoes (knee examination only).
  • Xrays or MRI’s not older than twelve or eighteen months (if available).
  • Clinic notes or operative reports from your referring physician that relate to your condition.
  • List of all current medications you are taking.

Payment in full is expected at the time of your visit. Exceptions include workers compensation, Medicare, and preferred provider contracts (copay only). Check your insurance information to identify whether University Sports Medicine is a preferred provider for your policy. For your convenience we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash or check.

Medical Records

If in the future you need to request certain medical records from our office, please be aware that the request could take ten days to two weeks before you receive the information. We will make every effort to fulfill all medical records requests as quickly as possible.

Billing Information

Like most physicians’ offices, we request payment at the time of service unless we are a preferred provider for the insurance company or employer. Contact our office for a complete list of all the plans we accept. Contact our business office if you have any questions regarding your coverage.

All billing inquiries for the Denver Clinic should be sent to this address:
University Sports Medicine
2401 Professional Dr.
Oxford, MS 38655
Phone: 662-234-0424

Rehabilitation and Training

Whether an injury requires surgery or simply a specific exercise program, Dr. Field understands the importance of rehabilitation to the recovery process. With physician, patient and therapist working together, customized rehabilitation programs help each patient achieve the best possible recovery.


If you require surgery to correct an orthopaedic disorder, Dr. Field and staff will thoroughly explain the operative procedure, the recovery process and the type of rehabilitation program you will need. Our surgical suites are equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and equipment currently available.


All patients:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Shorts or loose, comfortable clothes (they may become stained, so make sure they are not your favorites)
  • Insurance card/Workman’s Comp information

Knee Patients:

  • Crutches (if you already have some)

Shoulder Patients:

  • Loose fitting button-up shirts

Emergency Information

For our current patients: if you have a need for urgent assistance after hours, please call our answering service and they will contact the staff.

For new patients: if you have a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room.